Get to know Parimatch football betting website

You can imagine our world without any of the existing sports, but not without soccer. It is the number one game, the passion of billions, an entire religion. Naturally, by the number of bets accepted by bookmakers soccer is in first place.

The popularity of soccer is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The plus is that it is easy to find the information you need, the broadcast, the bookmakers’ conditions are favorable, and the minus is that the analysts at the bookmakers’ offices are very knowledgeable about the sport, hence it is most difficult to beat them, especially if you are talking about the long term.

So the ease of soccer for betting is very deceptive, so you need to be serious about the game if you do not want to quickly “lose” your deposit.

Types of soccer bets

One of the biggest mistakes of the beginners is to bet on football without knowing its basic types. While making a bet, it is necessary to understand what it means and when a bettor can win or lose. Actually, about it further.

On the varieties of parimatch bookmaker betting on soccer matches, perhaps, we could write a book or at least create a separate section on the site. They are incredibly numerous, and every year bookmakers manage to come up with new betting variants, sometimes even very exotic, for example, bet on the removal of the coach, the goalkeeper’s goal, Luis Suarez’s bite and so on. Below we consider only the most popular types of bets.

Main outcome

This is the simplest type of parimatch bk betting, which the gambling world has known about since the times of the first sports betting, it is the basis of the basics. In the field of betting the main outcome is usually called betting on the winner of the match and a draw. Thus, there are three options in soccer:

  • P1 – the first team will win;
  • X – a draw result;
  • P2 – victory of the second team.

Double chance

Double outcome or double chance is a subset of the previous type of soccer betting. In this case the bet combines two outcomes of three possible outcomes: P1, X, P2. The result is three options:

  • 1X is P1 or X, that is, a non-win for the first team;
  • X2 is P2 or X, not a loss for the second team;
  • 12 is P1 or P2, i.e. the victory of one of the rivals.

For example, a player bets 1X on the match Bayern – Real. He will lose only if Real Madrid wins. And the victory of Bayern or a draw will bring the win. That’s why the bet is called a double chance – the bettor has two chances out of three.

Total match

Total in soccer is the number of goals scored. The main bets in this category is the match total more or less. The bookmaker pari match sets the value of the total, and the player has the task to predict whether the teams will score more or fewer goals for two. For example, if the bettor bets TB(2.5) – total more than 2.5 goals, then to win the bet is necessary that in the match was scored 3 or more goals.

There are also bets on the total of the first and second halves or individual segments of the game, for example, you want to predict the total in the game interval from the 15th to the 30th minute. In addition, it is possible to bet on the individual total – the number of goals scored by a particular team.

Asian handicap

Bets on the winner of the meeting taking into account the handicap (advantage). You can bet on the victory of the team with a plus handicap, and you can bet on the minus handicap. Let’s say you took a -1.5 handicap on the home team in the Barcelona vs Juventus match. The bet will be a winning one in the case when Barça wins with a difference of two or more goals.

Exact score

This is not an easy kind of betting to predict because you have to name the exact final score of the match. However, the odds in this market are quite tempting, so it always makes sense to take a chance.

Authors of goals

Another type of betting is betting on the authors of goals or, in other words, the total of players. Players today can bet on a goal in a match of almost any player. Moreover, on the most productive, for example, Ronaldo, Messi, Lewandowski, you can find a total of goals greater than 1.5 or even 2.5.

Time Match

An interesting variant of the game, where the bettor needs to guess not only the outcome of the match, but also the outcome of the first half. For example, an X/P1 bet means that the first half will end in a draw and the home team will win the match.


A variety of bets on goals in bookmakers’ offices, the most popular of which are both teams to score, a goal in the first half, who will score the first goal and so on.

Game statistics

Recently parimatch betting company allows you to bet on statistical indicators, the number of which is constantly increasing. These are corners, fouls, yellow cards, offsides, ball possession percentage, shots on goal and others.

Long-term bets

A different kind of betting is long-term bets or futures. The peculiarity of these bets is that they are placed on the results of tournaments or other soccer events. Here and on the winner of the championship, and on the exit of the team in the playoffs of the Champions League, and on the best striker, and the winner of the Golden Ball.

Best soccer betting strategies

A strategy is your plan, guided by which you bet on soccer in a bookmaker’s office. They help beginners not to lose their entire bank, and in the future – steadily make a profit from betting. The main purpose of strategies is to manage your bankroll. Consider the main game strategies for betting on soccer.

Flat The maximum simple and convenient strategy, with which almost every second bettor started. The essence of the flat is to bet the same amount every time, for example, $5.

Martingale A more effective, but at the same time more risky betting system, because after each loss the bet amount is doubled and it is necessary to play at odds from 2.00.

Percentage of the bank is essentially an analogue of flat, the only difference is that it is necessary to bet not a fixed amount, but a certain percentage of all the money allocated for betting.

Snowball A very good strategy for beginners, which allows you to hone your skills with minimal risk. All you need is to allocate some small amount, such as $5, and bet on the match. If you win, then again the entire amount you bet on the next match. And so until you reach your goal, say, 2,000 rubles.

Where to bet on soccer?

An important, and sometimes basic, aspect of betting is the choice of a bookmaker’s office. For a beginner it may seem that all bookmakers “look alike”, but they are not. Not only that there are very good, average and bad, the latter are fraudulent and may not pay out winnings, but also there are peculiarities that matter to each player: bonuses, mobile version, payment methods, etc.

To put it simply, you need to pay attention not only to the credibility and reliability of the operator, but also to the compliance of the bank with your requirements. We won’t go deep into the question, because you can visit the bookmakers’ rating, or read in detail about the bookmaker’s choice and the reviews on parimatch official website. Here only pay attention to the basic criteria, which players should pay attention to in the first place:

  • The presence of a license that allows you to accept bets online;
  • The period of existence of the betting company and its reputation;
  • The list of payment methods, among which there should be a convenient one for you;
  • High odds, a wide coverage and a rich line of events;
  • The interface and navigation of the site of the uk, which should be convenient for the player;
  • Bonus program and promotions, if you want to get additional profits;
  • Professional support service, ready to help at any moment;
  • A mobile site and app, if you plan to bet from your cell phone.

Real Time Sports Betting

Modern technology has given players around the world the ability to bet on sports in live mode. In other words, by tracking an event happening right now, you can place your bet. Both on the victory of the team or athlete, and on the number of goals in the match, or on the winner of the race. With this option, the possibility of beating the bookmaker is much higher, but it should be understood that the odds will also be lower.

Is it possible to earn on bets and predictions on sports on a constant basis?

Many articles have already been written on betting tactics. However, it is important to understand that there is no strategy, which allows betting on sports, regularly beating bookmakers. But it is possible to avoid unnecessary risk. The main thing to possess information and be able to analyze it. And also constantly monitor the quotes bookmakers.

Remember, predictions based only on intuition can bring success in one or even a few cases, but are unlikely to work in the long run.