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We’re now going to talk about playing betting on the PariMatch betting site from your smartphone. It’s very handy when you have an ironclad mind and you’re on the road. There are two options for betting from your phone: the mobile version of the site itself and the app.


Mobile version of PariMatch

When you use your phone to access the site using a standard browser, you will automatically be redirected to its mobile version. In fact, it’s the same site, just adjusted for the size of your phone. PariMatch also has its own mobile version. But there is a more convenient option – a mobile app.

It’s a product designed specifically for smartphones – both Android and iOS. Unlike the mobile version, logging in through the app is not counted by search engines as website traffic. It’s just a separate issue.

We recommend you install the app, of course. We explain why:

  • The app purely looks better. After all, it was made specifically for the phone. A mobile version simply makes the site, created for the computer to take the size of the phone screen. The app has a better-designed menu and all the navigation is better. It is more convenient to place bets and we do not have to constantly zoom in.
  • You can use the app to place bets even when you are offline. That is when there is no internet. Believe me, you will have these situations much more often than you think. So, install the app and don’t bother. How to do it? About that – just below.
PM Mobile App
PariMatch Mobile App: Play anytime, anywhere!

Where can I download the PariMatch app?

Go to the site of PariMatch through your phone. To do that, type “PariMatch” into the search engine, and the first link will be the site of this BK. Click on it and you will be redirected to the mobile version of PariMatch. Then do the following:

  1. Go to your account.
  2. In the top left corner, you will see three horizontal dashes. Click on them and a drop-down menu will appear in front of you.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom. There you will see a subsection called “Mobile Applications”. This is what you will need.

How to download and install the PariMatch app?

You’ve come to the final part of installing the app. All you need to do is choose one of the two options presented in the “Mobile Apps” section: Download for Android or Download for iOS. If you have Android, you choose it, if you have iPhone, you choose iOS.

And then as you do when installing any other application. After clicking the download installation file. You will need to open it and press the button a couple of times. That is, without making up anything to do what the application will ask you to do. It will only take a minute to install.

That’s all! We have completely discussed all the most important issues concerning playing at the PariMatch betting shop. If you still have any questions, write in the comments. We will reply promptly. Share your experiences with others.

You probably are not used to such a non-standard review of the bookmaker’s office? But we’ll easily and quickly explain to you why we decided to start straight away with nice profits, rather than the history of the foundation of the office.

How to get a bonus from PariMatch is the most common question amongst players. People first want to know if they can get the bonus, win it back, and then they think whether it is worth registering with this office. But when it was founded and under what license does it operate – not many people care. So we decided not to put it off, not to make you scroll through the text, and immediately tell you about the bonus, how to get it and how to win it back.


Download Mobile App
PariMatch Mobile App

PariMatch Mirror

To claim your bonus, you need to register. We will now walk you through the reefs of registration right by the handle. But before that, you need to understand one simple thing. If you’re a Thai resident, there are two PariMatch for you – a legal and an illegal one. They are in fact the same office, but legally they are two different business entities.

The legal version of PariMatch

Legal PariMatch is hosted on the domain It is a legal entity that has been licensed in Thailand and legally accepts bets and pays taxes.