PariMatch is a sportsbook already well known within Eastern Europe. However, the company is attempting to gain traction in other regions of the world. For that reason, they are trying to introduce themselves to the rest of the world with bonuses, an attractive amount of sports markets, and more services that can be accessed exclusively by people who log in PariMatch.

That’s why there’s no sense to describe the procedure in verse and color. All we will say is that you need to look in the top right-hand corner and click the Register button. And then just fill in the proposed fields with your data.

And now, finally, we have come to where we started – the PariMatch Bonus. Let’s get into it!


PariMatch Website Registration — how to get PariMatch Bonus

The hardest part’s over – you’re already registered. All you have to do to get your bonus is to fund your account. It’s easy to do, too.

How to deposit PariMatch

In the top menu, right next to your name is the Deposit and Withdrawal button. That’s how we will deposit and withdraw money.

So, step number one, click on it and you see the list of possible ways to deposit. On it looks like this.

So, choose a way you find comfortable and click on it. Then you simply follow the instructions.

Once you click the Pay button and the money appears in your account, you will receive a bonus.

PM How to make deposit
How to deposit PariMatch 

The conditions for receiving a bonus from PariMatch

The bonus is only for newly registered players.

  1. If you register but haven’t funded your account within seven days, you won’t get the bonus. So, please, try to take your time and refill your account.
  2. Important question and important answer!

How much bonus will I get?

The answer is Equal to the amount of your bonus. But:

  1. The bonus amount should be 10 USD (American Dollar) or more. If the sum of refilling will be less, you simply will not get a bonus.

Other promotions and bonuses PariMatch

As a rule, PariMatch is very mobile and offers fresh promotions to various competitions.


Series of successful bets

For example, at the last US Open tennis tournament, there was a Successful Bets Series promotion. The idea is to place several successive successful bets and receive extra cash for this – the more bets in a row, the more money you get.

bets at Parimatch
Successful bets at PariMatch


Also very cool thing. Its essence is that during the match, the bookmaker’s office offers you to get money on that bet before the match is over. For instance, you bet 100$ on 2.0, and in case of winning you get 200$ on your hands. Just imagine, your team is ahead and you are getting closer to your goal of winning. And here the bookmaker office may offer you to withdraw 150 c.u. right now (the amount the office decides by itself). And here you have to think, withdraw now and get your winning no matter how the match ends or take your chance and wait until the end of the match, to get all 200.

PariMatch Bookmaker website

We’ve already talked about the most important things: registration, bonuses and how to win them back. You’ve heard a few interesting tip-tips. Now it’s time to talk about the place where you’ll make your dream of winning money at a bookmaker’s office come true. Let’s talk about the website, and it probably won’t be a secret to anyone that PariMatch rightly holds the highest positions in the Rating of Bookmakers in Thailand.

PariMatch Betting
PariMatch Bookmaker website

PariMatch bookmaker’s line

The website of PariMatch is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive for players. Even for beginners. On the left is a column with a list of countries and championships. For instance, if you choose Asia, you can select the corresponding league from the drop-down menu. For example, TPL or Championships. You will then see a list of matches in the central column. By clicking on any of them you will get the so-called spreadsheet. That is all the variety of different bets on the event.

In the central column, you will find the matches that are being played right now, and in the tab next to it you will find the matches that are about to begin.


Support service PariMatch mail

As with any self-respecting bookmaker’s office, PariMatch has a support team on the website. The easiest way to get in touch with PariMatch support is the chat in the bottom right corner. On the top bar, it says Any questions? Click on it and the chat will pop up, where you can write your question. You’ll get an answer straight away.