Point and Corridors strategy in tennis betting

If we do not take into account box-office soccer matches, tennis is one of the leading positions in terms of popularity. This fact is confirmed by the number of fans, as well as by the volume of tennis bets. In this regard, new approaches are constantly being developed to beat the bookmaker’s office. Today let’s talk about what is the Point strategy in tennis.


The essence of the strategy

All strategies in tennis are divided into two categories:

  • Statistical.
  • Combined.

The tennis season lasts a very long time – 11 months. Hundreds of matches are played every day, half of which belong to the “top” category or close to it. As a consequence, because of the large selection of tennis bets, before the player of the bookmaker’s office Parimatch great opportunities open up. True, not every gambling operator extended line, allowing you to bet on statistical indicators, in particular the scores of both athletes. The best conditions for tennis betting are offered by bookmakers Parimatch.

The “Point” strategy in tennis betting involves taking into account the statistics of the main parameters of the match, as well as the theoretical prediction of the number of points scored in the first game.

Circumstances when the mechanism does not work:

  • The athlete does not have wrestling qualities, is not serious about matches, does not belong to the category of players who fight for every point, even when the score is 0:40.
  • Lack of motivation for specific matches or the entire tournament. No need to defend points, a tennis player comes to a mid-level tournament to prepare for an important tournament, such as the TBS or Masters; the athlete has a minor injury or has just returned to the court after an injury.
  • Fatigue due to a busy calendar or long flights. The coaching staff and the tennis player himself before the start of the season sits down and schedules a workload for the player. Otherwise, if the schedule is difficult, at some tournaments the athlete will perform well, and at other tournaments he will simply fail.
  • There is no proper attitude to the match. The reasons may be different: poor physical condition, family problems, a change of coach.

If the bettor has analyzed the upcoming meeting, and found no such negative sides, you can proceed to the next step. Analyze the statistics and make a prediction on the number of points. As you know, to win a game, you have to take 4 points: 15:0, 30:0, 40:0 – game. With a 40:40 tie, it’s a two-point advantage: AD:40 – game.

Let’s say the winner has 80 points for the set, and the loser has 70. We do simple mathematical calculations, forming a special strength parameter:

  • 80/70 = 1.14
  • 18х1.14 = 20.52. (18 is a constant). Presumably, according to our calculations, player #1 will theoretically score 20-21 points in the first game.
  • Similarly, we calculate the parameter for the opponent: 18/1.14 = 15.79. Player #2 will score about 15-16 points.
  • We look at the odds and markets, which are offered by the bookmaker. Compare with their numbers and conclude: to bet or not.

Our project does not recommend the strategy “Point” to use. Its main disadvantage is impracticality. It spends a lot of time, it is not clear to everyone, and none of the authors of the method does not guarantee a constant profit at a distance. It is better to use a proven mechanism, such as the “corridors” strategy.


Corridor is one of the most popular betting Parimatch strategies for tennis matches, which in skillful hands can bring the bettor a stable increase to the game bank.

This system of bets is widely used by experienced forecasters who are able to quickly and accurately analyze the bookmaker’s markets in order to determine the most profitable odds. It is important in this strategy to act promptly, so as not to get under-quotes. In addition, using the “corridor” betting system should have the ability to mathematical calculations for the correct adjustment of the amount of each prediction.

The peculiarity of the corridor betting Parimatch strategy is that it can be applied to different types of tennis match outcomes. In our article, we will consider variants of the game on the system “corridor” for the main outcome of the match, the total of games and victory taking into account the handicaps on games.

Let us immediately note that in our case we are going to use the game pot of $100 to demonstrate the presented strategy operation visually and clearly.

Bets on the winner

In this case, we need to find a match where a clear favorite and an outsider meet. In this case, the player needs to find the most favorable odds for the leader’s victory. For example, the most favorable quotation on this outcome in all bookmakers’ offices is the indicator 1.15.

In duels, where there is a clear favorite, the probability that he will lose to his opponent 0:2 in sets is extremely small. To get the “corridor” in our bet, we have to find the most favorable odds for the outsider’s victory 2-1 in sets, referring to the fact that the leader will have to win one of the games. A suitable quotation for this outcome would be 15.00.

If the match ends in a logical victory of the favorite, the payout is $106.95, the net gain to the bank is $6.95. If a match ends with a sensational 2-1 set victory of the outsider, the payout is $105, and the net profit is $5.

If we exclude the variant with the outsider’s win “without any draws”, we make a profit in any match result. At first glance it may seem that a 5-6% profit from one bet is absurd, but you should consider the fact that in this case the bet is actually risk-free and over a long distance such a series will work for a solid profit.

Bets on game totals

Playing the “corridor” on the total games in a tennis match, the player can count on winning two bets at once.

The essence of the strategy in this case is the difference in odds and stated totals offered by various bookmakers’ offices.

To select a suitable match, let’s consider a meeting of two tennis players whose level is almost the same, and betting shops Parimatch do not allocate a clear favorite. One of the bookmakers offers in its line for the total of games (21.5) more coefficient 1.90, and the other bookmaker has a stated position of total less (23.5) with a similar quotation. In this case, we make two bets of $50 each.

Suppose the match ended 2-0 (7-5, 6-4). Both bets will then pay out $95 for each, for a total win of $190. In any other case, one of the bets will play and the player will lose $5.

Betting on handicap to win

Betting on the handicap in tennis is applied on a similar principle with the total – the search for a profitable difference between the odds and the declared indicators. In contrast to the previous strategy (betting on the total) for this option we need matches where the minimum favorite and the underdog meet.

With this option we will be satisfied with the match where one betting company offers the odds 1.60 for the victory of the favorite. The second betting Parimatch company in its line presented a solid “plus” handicap for the outsider and evaluated it with a quotation of 1.80. Putting $60 on the leader’s win and $40 on the underdog’s handicap, we get a corridor.

Given that there is not much difference in the class of the players, the odds of both tennis bets being played are extremely high. With this outcome, the payout for both bets will be $168.


The bottom line

At the dawn of the popularity of sports tennis betting, the corridor betting system was very profitable. Modern trends have led to the development of services of bookmakers’ offices, which now provide quotes and stated figures in the line more “evenly”. But even with these conditions, it is possible to find “holes” in their markets, to which they do not always react in time. This is the skill on which the “corridor betting” system is based.